With over $10,000 of lighting... 💰

Our new company build @thegoldencummins is officially the brightest truck on the internet... 

Here's a full breakdown of every light involved with this MEGA project!


1. 120 Rock Lights (World Record) ⚡️

We managed to secure 120 of our insane 42W RGB+W ULTRA Rock Lights under this truck!

We built custom aluminum brackets to mount up this absurd amount of rock lights while drilling minimal holes into the truck  and also keeping the wiring hidden and extremely clean.


What's even better is every single Rock light is fully functional (all in one) RGB+ Pure White!

While a simple 12 piece kit of our RGB+W ULTRA 42W Rock Lights will provide a complete and dense front to back glow under a standard pickup... (as seen in the pic below)


As the company truck, it was our duty to have an absolutely ABSURD amount of lights ⚡️


Shop Rock Lights ⬇️

2. Starlight Headliner (1,404 Stars)

- 1,404 Starlight Headliner (RGBW+T & Shooting Stars)

Our entire starlight headliner setup consists of 3 kits total.


1. 700 RGBW+T Starlight Headliner (Regular Install)

2. 500 RGBW+T Starlight Headliner (Company Logo)

3. 204 Shooting Stars Kit (Pure White)

Using a separate 500 Star Starlight kit for the logo allows for us to contrast the logo with a completely different color than the rest of the stars (my favourite is white and gold)

Shop Starlight Headliner ⬇️


3. Sextuple Row Wheel Lights 

- Sextuple Row (3IN3OUT) Wheel Lights (Pure White)

Our newest Wheel lights built with a total of 636 High Powered LED Chips in each ring producing nearly 300W of power per ring!

They are SO BRIGHT that they are LITERALLY almost painful to look at for more than 3 seconds...

Shop Wheel Lights ⬇️

4. Fill In Those Bumpers!

- 8 RGB Flow Halo Pods

Completing the front and rear bumpers on The Golden Cummins are two sets of 4 RGB Flow Halo Pods (Black Edition) with flush style in the rear and regular cube in the front!


The headlights on this truck are extremely high off the ground so I don't normally use them at night and Instead I roll with the 4 Halo pods in the front turned on with the pure white light BEAMNG!

These pods are so bright that they can replace my headlights which is pretty insane to think about!


Shop RGB Halo Pods ⬇️

5. Multi Product Controller (Power Management)

Many people have said to me "aren't you worried your truck will catch on fire?"

My answer ... no, of course not!!

We used 3x Multi Product Controllers (40AMP) to divide up all of the lighting accessories and we ran ALL the lights on this truck to 2 deep cycle marine batteries in the box of the truck!


The Multi Product Controllers allow us to control ALL 12V lighting accessories on the truck together in sync from a remote control despite using different control apps ✅

This product has been a best seller of ours since we released it back in 2022 because it solves a problem, it's convenient AND it's very inexpensive!

Shop Multi Product Controller ⬇️

5. The Extras 

- Chasing Tailgate Bar

- RGB+W Headlights 

- Halo Headlights 

- LED Grille Emblem 

Shop All Lighting ⬇️

Come See The Truck In Person!

SEMA this year in Las Vegas, NV October 31- November 2nd or at Lifted Truck Nationals September 8-10th in Jay, OK!

Hope to see you there, LIT UP BIG with the Best Lighting Money can buy! ⚡️⚡️

Mitchel Matthews



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