5 REASONS Why THESE Are The BEST Rock Lights ⚡

There’s soooooooo many options for Rock lights on the market, so why get ours?? 🤔

Here’s my top 5 reasons on why I believe your money outta be invested into an Adrenaline kit!


1. REAL RGB+W Rock Lights (Best Of ALL Worlds)

Most rock lights on the market are only RGB not RGB+W and a RGB kit will only be capable of producing a mixed off white colour that looks kinda like purple. Our Rock lights have a separate LED chip built in specifically to produce a bright true pure white light. The real deal 💯


Personally the pure white mode is my favourite look and the one I use about 95% of the time, BUT anytime I show my rock lights to somebody new I pull out my phone and show them the colour wheel and how I can choose any colour in the spectrum and they are like “whaaaat?” hahah

Not to mention around Halloween & Christmas its nice having the option to celebrate in a unique way with your truck lit up!!


Forget RGB or single color products, Why not just have it all with RGB+W?? 


2. Durability (You Don't Even Go THIS Hard...)

I come from a background of mudding / snow offloading so when perfecting our products over the years, EXTREME durability has always been a must for me.


Videos speak louder than words though, so below you’ll see 2 absolute stellar examples on 2 opposite extremes of how our rock lights are built tough AF and ready for any use in any environment (except lava, always avoid the lava 🔥)


1. (MUSKEG & MUD) Last year, I took my Polaris RZR into some of the nastiest muskeg I have ever seen in my life and got it stuck so bad that I had to leave my machine there overnight and recover it the next day!


Needless to say after 28 hours CAKED in mud, as we scraped off the thick layer  covering all 12 Piece RGB+W Rock lights, every single one was still beaming bight as ever!

Watch this 60 second video to see what I'm talking about..... ⬇️

2. (ICE TESTS) It gets really cold up here in Winnipeg, Canada and one night when it got down to -33°C I decided to put one of our rock lights in some water and leave it outside for 30 hours to see if that could break anything and well, it didn’t lol


 BONUS (WATER TEST💧) I also took one of our 4 piece kits and put the entire kit including the control box completely underwater for 32 hours while also attached to a power source the entire time. Needless to say our Rock lights stayed glowing strong the entire time! ✅


I know for a fact that whatever you plan on taking your vehicle though our Rock lights are built to be more than capable of enduring it! 


3. Brightness (ALL of The Lumens ⚡️👀)

When it comes to looking at other RGB+W Rock lights on the market our rock lights are without a doubt a leader when it comes to brightness. But again talk is cheap, so I had to prove it!


If you do your research on RGB+W rock lights you will find there are a number of bigger companies in the space all selling the exact same rock lights, so I compared ours to it in this video.



Some of these companies even go as far as claiming they are “the brightest on the market”, but don’t take anybody words for it, just watch the experiment for yourself! 😎


4. Price 💰 (Mid Range With High Range Benefits)


Remember the RGB+W rock lights we compared ours too in the last video on brightness?


Even though our kit heavily outperformed it, ALL of the companies selling these other rock lights are charing $70- $100 more than us (for an 8 piece kit) 🤑



Society has us all conditioned to think higher price = better quality and believe me I still catch myself thinking that about stuff all of the time. But you can save yourself a lot of cash if you are willing to compare more factors other than just price!


We are not the cheapest RGB+W rock lights on the market but certainly not the most expensive and you are guaranteed to get your moneys worth! ✅



5. The Folks Using Our Rock Lights!


I can go on and on about our Rock lights but instead of that why not hear what 93 of our customers have to say about them after installing & using them on their own builds?


AND you can actually see what they look like too because picture reviews are much better than just words! 😎 


Well, that's all folks! If you took the time to read all the way through to this paragraph then enjoy this 10% off gift on me with code "ADR10😉

Thank you for reading, Cheers!


Mitchel Matthews

Owner/ Founder 



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