TOP 3 Things To Know When Buying Starlight Headliner

Why don't these cables reach my entire roof?Ā šŸ˜…

BelieveĀ it or not many starlight kits out there come withĀ cables that areĀ NOTĀ long enough for you to reach all areas of your roof!

Many kitsĀ especiallyĀ amazon ones areĀ designed to be installed on car'sĀ andĀ NOTĀ a quad cab truck, therefore theyĀ come with 10 ft cablesĀ or less!

We found most trucks neededĀ 12 ft, or you might end up having a partially lit roof like the photo below...

It's supposed to be white but its purple?

More often than not products such as Rock lights, Starlight & Wheel LightsĀ will be advertised asĀ having "white" when it really looks more like purple.

If you want a true white in your kitĀ thenĀ make sure you see enough pictures orĀ videos of the product in action before purchasing!

Is a 20 Watt Kit Enough?

Most Starlight Headliner Kits on the market use either a 16W or 20W light engine.

The more wattage your light engineĀ can produce = the brighter your stars will be,Ā assuming your cableĀ transmits the light without dissipationĀ along the way.

Cheaper quality fiber optic cables will lose a lot of the light along the way making the result at the end of the cable much dimmer.

We use a beefyĀ 50 Watt light engineĀ to power our kits along withĀ PremiumĀ 0.75 mm diameter cableĀ to ensure that our kits are as bright as they could possibly be!

I know that there's a shit ton of options out there on the web...

But I hope this helps you get the kit that is best suited for your build!

Cheers, Mitchel


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    Does this void my cars warranty ?

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