The Adrenaline Backstory



My name is Mitchel Matthews & this is my story πŸ‘‡

It all began when my grandpa passed away in 2014.

He willed me his 2005 ram 1500 and ever since the first day I got it I have been literally obsessed with doing new mods to it!

I LOVE making people look twice at my truck because it's something I have worked hard for and I'm always happy to show it off!

In December 2016, I started making offroad adventure vlogs of my now heavily modded & lifted truck and uploading them to youtube.

By October 2017 I had gained over 30,000 Youtube subscribers and decided to start Adrenaline Offroad and originally only sold decals & apparel to my fanbase.

But I had an intense passion for aftermarket mods!

That being said, I wanted to sell a product that could make the BIGGEST change to a vehicle for the LEAST amount of money possible.
After testing many configurations on my own truck first hand in the mud, I knew that I could offer folks a SOLID rock light kit and charge less than a lot of other bigger companies so that was the first lighting product we ever sold!
Progress was initially VERY slow but by talking with more and more likeminded folks every single day and never giving up I took a chance and quit my job in late 2018 and have been doing everything in my power to transform as many rides as possible each day with more badass products!
As of January 2021, Adrenaline Offroad has been involved in over 4,000 custom transformations with using only our very own in house line of products! βœ”οΈπŸ’―
The #1 goal and purpose is to help folks make significant changes to the look and feel of their build without getting overcharged for doing something they love!
And to make you feel DAMN proud when people look twice at you cruising by in your customized ride! 😎
Mitchel Matthews
(Owner & Founder)

My Personal Build Transformation 2014-2022

"Practice What You Preach"

Out Doing Some Quality Testing In 2019 😎

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