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Hey Everybody, Welcome To The Adrenaline Offroad Site!

Adrenaline Offroad is a company that was started from the ground up in October 2017 purely out of my passion for trucks and entrepreneurship. I have personally been building my truck from complete stock since 2014 into something badass! I truly understand what it is like to have a passion for building your vehicle and constantly doing new mods to it! One of the main purposes of my company is to help people with their own builds and dreams by providing top quality products that are priced fairly in order for people to accomplish more with their build instead of getting overcharged for doing something they love! We also make some pretty badass off roading content on our youtube channel demonstrating our product quality assurance!​
I hope that Adrenaline Offroad helps you accomplish more mods and gets you closer to driving the truck of your dreams!

- Mitchel Matthews
  (Owner & Founder)

My Personal Build Transformation 2014-2020!