Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty & Return Policy

    1. "What is your warranty policy?"

  • LED lighting products are backed by a 2 Year Full Coverage Warranty Policy. (Click HERE to read our full policy)

    2. "What happens if I receive a defective product?"

  • On the rare occasion that your product has a factory defect we will immediately replace all defective parts / products free of charges to always ensure your product is working 100% as it should be or your money back!  *Please contact us directly at for any and all warranty claims*

    3. "What is your return policy?"

  • You will have 30 days after you place your order to return the product(s).
  • You must pay your return postage & will be refunded your total order amount once we receive and process your return. (Do NOT return Via UPS as additional import charges will be owed.)


    1. "How do I know when my order has been shipped?"
  • When your order is shipped you will receive a shipment confirmation email, sent to the email you entered when placing your order.

    2. "How can I track my order?"
  • You can track your shipment with the tracking number sent in your shipment confirmation email.
  • Orders within the USA that do not meet minimum weight requirement for tracked shipping will not contain a tracking number in the shipment confirmation email  (LED Headlights & Reverse Lights, Wiring extensions, Wiring harnesses). *Please Contact for additional tracking options*

    3. "How long does my order take to get to me?"
  • Orders shipped within the USA most commonly take about 6 business days with standard shipping but can take anywhere between  5-10 business days
  • Orders shipped within Canada Will take 1-6 business days to arrive.
  • Overseas orders will vary depending on country. (Please Contact) 
 ​    * Please contact for info on express shipping*