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Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty & Return

  • All LED lighting products¬†are backed by our¬†2 Year Full Coverage Warranty Policy.¬†(Click¬†HERE¬†to read our policy)

  • On the rare occasion that your product has a factory defect¬†we will replace all¬†defective parts / products free of charges to always ensure your product is working 100% as it should be.¬†*For any and all Warranty Claims, try ALL troubleshooting steps in the Warranty Portal. If the troubleshooting solutions do not solve the issue, proceed with the Online Warranty Form. All submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

  • You will have¬†30¬†days¬†after you receive your order¬†to return the product(s).¬†
  • You MUST contact us at before returning any products or else your return will not be accepted.¬†

  • You must pay the return postage. You will be refunded the total product value amount from your order once we receive¬†and process your return. (Do NOT return¬†via UPS as additional import charges will be owed, and these will not be our responsibility.)
  • There will be an inspection/restocking fee of $5-$30 to compensate for a full inspection of returned products and quality testing of every part returned. The volume of products returned will determine the exact cost.
  • All parts of the returned product(s) must be in great working condition in order to receive full reimbursement for the products original cost.
  • If products are returned damaged the cost to replace the damaged parts will be deducted from your total refund amount.¬†

  • Please contact us at for any and all returns.¬†


  • If the items in your order are currently in stock you can expect them to be shipped out within the following business day (most of the time) if not then it will be the next business day to follow!


  • ¬†When your order is shipped you will receive a¬†shipment confirmation email or text, to the corresponding email address or mobile number which was provided with your order.

  • You can track your shipment using with the¬†tracking number¬†included¬†in your shipping confirmation email / text.

  • ‚Äč‚ÄčDepending¬†on the shipping method selected¬†orders shipped to the¬†USA¬†can range anywhere between¬†1-8 business days. All estimated shipping times are available during the checkout process.
  • Orders shipped within¬†Canada¬†Will take¬†1-5 business days.
  • Overseas¬†orders will vary depending on country. (Please Contact)¬†


  • Most commonly when an order is placed as a "Pre Order Item" you will have to wait until the approximate shipping date specified¬†on the product page before your order will be shipped.

  • If it takes any longer than 3 business days after you place your order and it is not a pre order then please contact us with your order number so we can check up on it for you!


Product Questions

  • All of our color changing products are bluetooth controlled through your mobile device. Our RGB+W Rock Lights & Wheel Lights use app "LED LAMP" while our RGB+W Headlights use app "BLEDIM"¬†
  • Our RGB+W Wheel Lights also come with a mini key ring remote as a bonus controller!

  • Yes! Any of our products using the app "LED LAMP" will automatically sync together and be all controlled at the same time within the app. (see question above¬†for more details)¬†

  • Click Here¬†for a run down on what the differences are!

  • Please refer to out "Wiring Extension Guide" for that answer!
  • If you are purchasing wires separately from your kit be sure to order the right ones! (we have 3 different kinds).

  • As long as the fitment matches then yes you can!

  • We have some install videos available on YouTube which you can find at the bottom of the product pages.
  • We also offer a complete DIY installation E-Book for rock lights which you can get from us Here!¬†

  • Rock lights are 1000 lumens /pod¬†
  • Headlights range 3800 lumens- 6000 lumens per bulb
  • LED cube pods 2000 lumens/ pod

We are confident that everything in our store is much brighter than average. If you are not satisfied with the brightness of our product please contact us at!