2 Year Full Warranty Coverage 

All Adrenaline Offroad Products come standard with 2 years of full warranty coverage.

What is Covered?

Any defects in materials or workmanship of the product is covered for 730 days (2 years) from the date of purchase.

All costs associated with replacing a defective part will be covered, even shipping costs.

You have full coverage so you pay nothing!


What is NOT Covered?

If the product is clearly damaged due to misuse from the customer including (alterations made to impose an improper installation method) the warranty coverage will be void.

Unlike most companies there is no fine print in our policy and it is 100% as explained above!

Always keep it real.


How to File a Claim?

The first step is to try all of the troubleshooting steps in the Online Warranty Portal.

If none of the troubleshooting steps solve the issue you are experiencing, please proceed with submitting the Warranty Form at the bottom of the page and your submission will be reviewed within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

Rest assured we will find a solution to whatever it is you may be experiencing and we will give you the after purchase support that you truly deserve as our paying customer/ supporter!


Why our policy is the best?

1. Many companies have a fine print that can say things such as “terms can change without notice at any time” which means they can choose to not give you coverage no matter what the rest of their policy says! We have no fine print.

2. Many companies offer “limited warranty” coverage which can force you to the pay shipping costs and even sometimes extra insurance costs for returning a defective product. We provide FULL coverage.

3. Often companies have a long list of things that are not covered such as “wear and tear” which can pretty much make them not liable for anything that happens to your product. We keep it basic.


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