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"I have purchased Rock Lights & Wheel Lights from multiple other brands in order to personally confirm that the quality & performance of our products was superior in all ways possible."

Mitchel Mathews

Founder and owner of Adrenaline Offroad Outfitters

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"Do these rock lights have pure white? will those wheel lights work with drum brakes?" I know there's literally an endless amount of product options for vehicle & sometimes it can be really difficult to decide where to get your parts from & which product will suit your needs best!

Something different about the way we do things here is me, Mitchel the owner. I'm not just some guy trying to sell you lights, I have personally used RGB & RGB+W Rock Lights, Wheel Lights, LED Headlights, LED Light Bars, LED Pods etc on my own lifted truck for years now!

I have purchased Rock Lights & Wheel Lights from multiple other brands in order to personally confirm that the quality & performance of our products was superior in all ways possible. For example with our RGB+W Starlight Headliner / Fiber Optic Kits I found that a lot of kits did not have long enough fiber cable to reach the entire headliner on a quad cab truck as they are commonly built for cars, so we made ours longer! Or with Our Double Row RGB+W Wheel Lights we found that when you put 2 LED strips side by side the overall density of light does not increase that much but when you put 1 on the inside of the wheel ring and one on the outside the overall light dispersion increases drastically, which is why all of our Double Row Wheel lights follow that optimal design!

It's a never ending road of constant improvements when your goal is to build the absolute best LED lighting products possible. One of the most recent changes we did to our RGB+W rock light kits is increasing the wiring leads from 10 feet to 14 feet per rock light and adding extra waterproof glue on the back where the wiring lead enters into the rock light pod to increase its long term durability over years.

Right now LED lighting products are our main area of focus and specifically our RGB+W Rock Lights & Wheel Lights & Starlight Headliner are categories we really do specialize in. We plan on using the same product building & optimizing principles from our LED lighting products and applying them into other areas of the aftermarket mods world!

If you decide to give Adrenaline Offroad your business you can know for a damn fact that your working with people that live & share the same passion for lifted / custom trucks & vehicles. I personally dreamt of having a lifted truck many years before I was finally able to acquire one & make my dream a reality! You can also rest assured that the product you get from us is a result of a lot of hard work, time and A LOT of testing and if there's anything you think can be improved with the product, we take your opinion very seriously as it is vital to our mission of having the best damn products & being the best company we can be!

Free Shipping

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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