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It may seem pretty straight forward to some but there is often a lot of confusion when it comes to RGB and RGB+W lighting kits and how exactly they differ. I’m going to set the record straight so things can remain as simple as can be when looking for the lighting kit that suits your needs best!


Fake RGB+W Kits.


Partially why I believe it can be a confusing topic for some is because sometimes companies claim that their product does have white light capabilities but in reality, they are referring to a prism white mode. Prism white also referred to as RGB white is simply a combination of red, green, and blue light altogether to make a color that seems a little bit like white but let's be honest here, it looks more like a rainbow than it does white!


How To Spot a Real RGB+W Kit.


In a real RGB+W product there will always be an individual white LED chip included in the design. Therefore when it is set into the white mode the separate white LED chip will illuminate while the other red, green and blue LED chips remain off. This is what you will find in both our RGB+W Rock Light & Wheel Light Kits.



Which Is Most Popular?


When comparing our 8 Piece RGB+W Rock Light Kit to our 8 Piece Multi-Color / RGB Kit, the RGB+W will run you an extra 30 bucks. However many of our customers have repeatedly told us that they enjoy using the pure white setting more than the colors and the majority of them buy the kit solely for the white light capability making the small price difference a no brainer for them! It really all comes down to personal preference and what color of light you are most excited to see glowing bright underneath or in your truck! For the record, we do sell many more RGB+W kits than we do RGB.


What If I Only Want The White Light? 


I always personally recommend choosing an RGB+W lighting kit even if you don't care to use the color-changing modes and here is why….


Unlike most single color rock lights & wheel lights, RGB+W products are typically all Bluetooth controlled, therefore you can conveniently avoid having to run additional wiring and mount up a control switch into your cab and simply control them from your phone instead!


You will get a lot more control features for the pure white lights with our RGB+W kits such as the ability to set the lights to different fading, flashing or strobe settings and even adjust the brightness, unlike the single color kit where you will typically only get an on or off option with a standard control switch.



At the end of the day, you either want to have the pure white light or you only want the multi-color. If you are excited to see what pure white looks like on your ride then best bite the bullet, pay the extra few bucks and get all of the options because in life people most commonly regret the things they didn’t do! 

I hope this helps to educate you better on these highly popular products & if you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to comment below or email us at info@adrenalineoffroadoutfitters.com and I’ll be happy to help you pick out the best kit for you! 

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