The #1 Best Spots To Mount Rock Lights

The right placement of each rock light is just as important as what size of rock light kit you get!

Over the years I have had 4, 8, 12 and now currently 20 rock lights under my custom Ram (see pic below)

And here’s what I have found to be the best spots to mount Rock Lights...




1. How Many Rock Lights Do You Actually Need?


This question is like asking somebody what size of lift to get, it depends on how extreme you want the result to be!


There is no one size fits all answer, however generally speaking if you want to get a kit that will light up alot of area but will still cost you less than $300 then your answer is…



Wether you drive a truck, Jeep, or SUV the 12 Piece Rock lights will provide you with a compete glow from front to back of your ride with practically no shadows at all! If Mounted Right!

Pics OF 12 Piece Kits ⬇️



2. Mounting In Wheel Wells (Most Basic)

Often, folks buy a 12 piece Rock light kit and then install 2 or 3 in each wheel well / wheel arch and even sometimes install the entire kit in just the wheel wells alone.


If you install them ONLY in your wheel wells you are going to be leaving A LOT of shadows under the body of your vehicle so I highly suggest considering the following approach when installing your Rock lights kit

  • Mount 1-2 Per Wheel Well (12 Piece Kit)

Your going to be needing those extra pods in other areas of the vehicle to really set this thing off and make that UFO effect into a reality! ⚡️



3. Mounting Lights Underbody

If you have a newer vehicle it can be scary to drill into your vehicle but hear me out here....

  • Mount 4- 6 Underbody (12 Piece Kit)

 In the picture below I have marked out what I think is the absolute best spots for installing a 12 piece kit which involves mounting...

  • 1 Per Wheel Well (4 Total)

  • 1 Under Body Aligned With Front & Back Doors (4 Total)

  • 2 Past Rear Tires / Under Back Bumper (2 Total)

  • 2 In Grille Shining Down / Under Front Bumper (2 Total)


8 Piece Rock Light Kit's I would suggest doing the 2, 3, 4, 5 positions in the pic above.

Worried or unsure how to mount underbody? Checkout our Full Installation Breakdown to see how it's done.

The rubber mounting pads on the back of the pod will do a great job of protecting the holes made by the screws from taking on any water and rusting over time.


4.Going The Extra Mile (All Out)


If your one of those guys (or gals) who likes to always go big or go home and really stand out FAR from what others are doing then then I’m sorry to say it but a single 12 piece kit ain’t going to cut it for you!


A Unique feature of our Rock light kits is that you can easily combine as many kits as you want together!


Ex) One of our customers bought 4 x 12 piece kits and now he can simply pull up the app on his phone, hit different colours while all 48 Rock lights turn to the colour he chooses!


This is the best layout for installing our savage 24 piece setup in a way that really maxes out each rock light you purchase!





If you remember anything from reading this....

Remember that installing rock lights both in the wheel wells AND the underbody of the vehicle is the major key to that WILD & complete glow that you are looking for.

You know, that intense glow of light that will have everybody looking and talking about your truck when you roll by! 😎 


Enjoy your kit and turn those heads baby!!!

Cheers, Mitchel 

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