You Have Just Discovered The World's MOST POWERFUL Rock Lights ⚠️⚠️

1. The MOST POWERFUL Rock Lights ⚡️

At an insane 42W of power per Rock Light, you can show up to the next truck meet knowing that you have the most powerful Rock Lights out of ANY truck there!

It's pretty much like taking a bunch of LED headlights and putting them under your truck!

As of right now, these are officially the brightest & most powerful Rock Lights in the world.

We Put Them Up Against The Industries Current "Top Rock Lights" To Prove It To You! ⚠️⬇️


Our RGB+W ULTRA Rock Lights (42W) simply cannot be outperformed by anything else currently on the market!

2. THE BRIGHTEST Rock Lights ✅ 

The insanely high power per Rock Light achieved by our engineers has also made these the BRIGHTEST Rock Lights.

PLUS, our Wide Angle RGB+W Chips ensures that a bigger area gets covered with the intense light being emitted!

Lumens Per Rock Light = 4,000 Lumens.

3. The ONLY Rock Lights With THIS....

These are the ONLY Rock Lights made entirely with TRUE RGB+W LED Chips.
This means with our kit you will get 100% power per color where normally Rock Lights can only use 25% power per color. 

4. We Achieved What The Others Couldn't 🔒

Because of our unique RGB+W LED Chips, you also get to enjoy the benefit of having PERFECTLY blended colors.

So when you select YELLOW you will actually get a pure YELLOW instead of a visible RED + GREEN combo mixed to make "yellow".



4. How Do I Order a Set? 

⚠️ IMPORTANT INFO ⚠️ ➡️, these kits have been selling out NON STOP and we just replenished our stock on May 25th with a limited amount of kits

Secure your set right now before they are sold out again!

It takes us approximately 1 month to replenish our stock once sold out again

If you order now they will ship out tomorrow, but they are going to sell out FAST!

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