The ADRENALINE Wheel Lights πŸ”’

What is the #1 Reason People Buy This Product?

Simply to leave people in shock and amazement when you drive past with your wheels and entire truck ABSOLUTELY BEAMING with the most highly effective LED wheel ring lights out there.

What Makes Your Kit So "Highly Effective"? πŸ€”

The unique double sided construction allows for these lights to look amazing from any angle your truck is viewed from. Where normal 1 sided wheel lights are hardly noticeable unless looking at it straight on.Β Β 


How Long Will It Take To Install?

Install time ranges fromΒ 3-4 hoursΒ on average! Every kit comes with an in depth video tutorial where we show you EXACTLY how to install this product with ease.



Are They Multicolored?

Our Wheel Lights are all made with TRUE RGB+W LED Chips which means they are capable of putting out any color you choose including a pure white lightΒ 


How Much Does It Cost?

Our most popular model (Double Row) is $479.99 and on sale in February 2022 for $419.99.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Standard Shipping takes about 1 week but if you use code "WHEELS" at the checkout you can get FREE Overnight Shipping!

*Code Expires February 18th @ 11:59 Pm CST*

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