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LED Headlight Troubleshooting

How to use:

1. Find the relevant issue that you're having under the "Problem" column

2. Try all of the Troubleshooting Solutions in order (if one works, do not complete the remainder of the options)

3. ONLY complete the Online Warranty Form at the bottom of the page if you have executed the required troubleshooting procedures for the specific issue you are experiencing. 

*If the Troubleshooting Solutions are not completed, your warranty submission will not be accepted. We are happy to take care of our customers and supporters, but please take the time to try the troubleshooting procedures for us.

Problem Troubleshooting Solution
Lights won't come on at all after trying for the first time Option 1: Twist 180 degrees and plug them in backwards (some vehicles are reverse polarity)
Lights flickering Option 1: Depending on the year and model of your vehicle you may need anti-flicker power resistors in order to use any LED headlights in it
Light has burnt out after using for some time N/A - proceed with Online Warranty Form
*We will require a photo of the bulb cut to proceed with warranty, this will be uploaded instead of the video on the Online Warranty Form
Only high beam or low beam working on dual beam Option 1: Check that the prongs inside the headlight bulb connector aren't bent. If they are, carefully straighten it and the bulb should work again
RGB+W Headlights Only:
Cannot connect to the app

Option 1: Ensure that you are using the app "LED Lamp" then select LED Ble within that app

Option 2: Try using another device to connect with